Presentation Guidelines

  • If you look on the syllabus, you can find what day you’re presenting on by finding your number (I will assign you a number on the first day of class).
  • You’ll also see the reading that we’re discussing in class that day.
  • You’re responsible for presenting a smart, lively, compelling overview of the reading itself (7-8 minutes) and then basically an argument (for another 7-8 minutes) for what’s at stake – why does the reading matter? what does it teach us about literature or writing or reading or media or even what does it fail to teach us?
  • It’s not necessary to have slides – the emphasis is on you demonstrating you’ve spent time with the text, you’ve read it several times, you can explain it to the class, and you can talk about why it’s important; if you need media to help you make your point, be thoughtful and strategic about what how and you the media.
  • It should take you 7 or 8 hours to do a really great job.

Below are questions I ask myself when I am assessing your presentations:

  • Have you demonstrated that you have thoroughly read, digested, and understood the material you’re presenting on?
  • Are all your claims and facts about the reading accurate?
  • Are you engaging with the overall themes of the class as we are working through them in class?
  • Is your presentation well organized and carefully thought out? Is there a logic to the ideas you’re presenting in the order in which you’re presenting them?
  • Do you make eye contact with your classmates? Do you try to avoid reading directly from your notes?
  • Have you made an attempt to present the material in a way that is both sophisticated and engaging?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, you can be sure you will receive an ‘A’!


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