Presentation Guidelines

For your records, here are the guidelines for presentations as I outlined to you on the first day of class. As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

  • our schedule is mostly set in stone so I strongly urge you to start working on your presentation far in advance of when you present because the timeline for the assignment due dates is very tight and also set in stone
  • if you look on the syllabus, you can find what day you’re presenting on by finding your number
  • what I want you to do is read the class reading assigned for your presentation day SEVERAL TIMES (look at the homework assigned for the day you present by looking at the day before on the schedule)
  • next, this is what your presentation is going to consist of:
    • you and your partner will take up the first 25-30 minutes of class
    • you’ll begin with a FIVE minute overview of the literary movement or writers or set of artists you want to focus on – do NOT make your overview entirely biographical; I want to hear things about why the movement or these set of writers is important, what’s at stake for the movement
    • then for the rest of class I want you to orchestrate a LIVELY and RIGOROUS debate on some issue raised by the assigned reading
    • I want you to pick an issue, give us both sides of the issue, then orchestrate a debate on the issue to set the stage for the rest of class
    • example: Kenneth Goldsmith’s work is plagiarism and so it’s an insignificant contribute to contemporary writing OR Kenneth Goldsmith’s work belongs in a lineage of appropriate art and writing and this is significant because he’s working against the ideology of creative genius and originality that’s now out-dated
    • exactly HOW you orchestrate the debate is up to you!

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