Final Project

Presentations of your final projects will take place on the last day of class, Friday July 7th, and should be 15 minutes long (and absolutely no longer so that we have time for everyone to present in the last week of class). I expect each group member to contribute equally to the making of the project as well as the presentation itself. I also expect you to present your topic to the class in an organized but compelling manner – be thoughtful and creative! All members of the group will receive the same grade unless I find that someone has been egregiously irresponsible.

The assignment is to simply create a work of visual writing or what I call “media poetics” that responds to a work or series of works we looked at in class. When you present your work to the class, I’d like you to explain how it relates to the different genres of media poetics we’ve looked at in class, how your work responds or reworks the assumptions of these works, and what you learned from the creation process–i.e., how did your use of certain tools or programs open-up or foreclose on what you were able to do? How did these tools or programs affect not just what you created but how you thought about your creation?

Other than your voice, paint, typewriters, scissors/glue, Letraset, stencils, exacto knives to create artist books, etc. some suggestions for other low-tech digital tools you can use:

Group 1: Wahab, Jack, Kim
Group 2: Carly, Adam, Alexa
Group 3: Luke, Josh
Group 4: Veronica, Jeremy, Andie
Group 5: Claudia, Matthew, Paige
Group 6: Maggie, Maya



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