research paper peer review questions

Here are questions to ask yourself as you read through each other’s papers:

  1. Does the paper have a title, thesis and blueprint along the lines of what we’ve discussed in class?
  2. Does this paper have a compelling thesis/blueprint?
  3. Is the paper clearly and logically organized from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph?
  4. Are all claims well supported with outside evidence, quotes etc.?
  5. Does the paper cite appropriate, scholarly sources?
  6. Is the paper clearly and artfully written?
  7. Does the paper need additional editing and/or proofreading?

small group work on Andy Campbell

Once again, I am asking you to provide a reading or interpretation of the work assigned to your group. Keeping in mind what I’ve recently lectured to you about in class about media studies, please read/navigate through your work and prepare a short, informal presentation to the class that answers the following questions:

  1. What is your assigned piece about?
  2. Which media (and/or hardware and/or software) is Campbell experimenting with? How does he get us to think about the affordances of these particular media? Does he work with or against the affordances of the media at hand?
  3. How and to what end is Campbell experimenting with language and with narrative in your piece?

Group 1: “Clearance”
Group 2: “The Dead Tower”
Group 3: “The Flat”