in-class small group work on Futurism

Give the class a reading or an interpretation of your assigned Futurist work; if possible, tie your reading back to in-class lectures on Futurism. Do whatever you can to avoid saying “I don’t know” and, as always, make sure all your claims about the text are supported by evidence. Finally, once again, keep in mind you can use this as the basis for your discussion forum post that’s due on Tuesday.

Group 1: Après la Marne

Group 2: Correction of Proofs + Desires in Speed

Group 3: Canguillo’s “Detonation” and Marinetti’s “A Landscape Heard”

Group 4: Marinetti’s “They Are Coming”

Group 5: Depero’s “Colors”

Group 6: (focus on explaining the key points and think through their motivation for writing this) Marinetti’s “Variety Theatre Manifesto”


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