small group work on The Humument

  1. Give us an interpretation of your four pages by drawing on ALL elements: text, visuals, page design (does Philips break the boundary between margin and text and if so, why? Is the text somehow uniquely broken up into, say, panes? or cartoon panels? What’s the significance of this?)
  2. What is phillips able to do in your assigned four pages by drawing over/painting over/treating/erasing a sourcetext rather than writing an original work? What do you think Philip’s stance is toward the notions of originality and plagiarism?

Group 1: pages 1-4
Group 2: pages 5-9
Group 3: pages 10-14
Group 4: pages 15-19
Group 5: pages 20-24
Group 6: pages 25-29


I am an Associate Professor of English and Intermedia Arts, Writing, and Performance at the University of Colorado Boulder. I'm the author of Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound and co-editor of the Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media.

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