Futurist poems small group work

Do your absolute best to give the class a reading or an interpretation of your assigned futurist work; if possible, tie your reading back into the things I’ve been lecturing to you about in class on Futurism. Do whatever you can to avoid saying “I don’t know” and, again, consider using this as the basis for your forum post due on Friday.

Group 1: Marinetti’s “Après la Marne”

Group 2: Marinetti’s “Correction of Proofs + Desires in Speed”

Group 3: Canguillo’s “Detonation” and Marinetti’s “A Landscape Heard”

Group 4: Marinetti’s “They Are Coming”

Group 5: Depero’s “Colors”

Group 6: Marinetti’s “Variety Theatre Manifesto” (mostly just explain key points and talk about their motivation for writing this)


I am an Associate Professor of English and Intermedia Arts, Writing, and Performance at the University of Colorado Boulder. I'm the author of Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound and co-editor of the Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media.

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